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Today’s business success
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Mandala provides data to boost your creativity, enhances productivity, assists superior decision makings and giving you the edge to stay on top of the game.

We are constantly monitoring millions of channels daily, capturing billions of mentions in all continents and languages. Our engine allows us to source the most crucial data for your key decision makings

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Online Listening

The most reliable listening intelligence platform you ever need

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Our Data

We do not rely on third party data providers. Mandala owned proprietary Cortechs Engine and fully operates on application program interfaces from major social media platforms. We also use intelligent crawlers to collect data from public domains and partners around the globe in real time. Our goal is to develop big data technology and only deliver the most valuable and digestible insights via our advanced analytics for our clients.

Rest assured :

We believe and trust in data privacy. We do not operate on private domains, personal profiles and personal content without permissions. Our data only derived from publicly made available and allowed by the authors. This also applies to public domains and agreed data providers through private agreements and retain the aspect of data privacy. All operations comply and respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and meeting all the social media platforms terms and agreements including platform’s data and privacy policy.

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