Listening Analytics

Discover conversations and topics
with online listening

Be the first to uncover information in the online space that
is critical for your brand success. Find the right insights,
be inform, gain competitive edge and be creative with data
using powerful Mandala Analytics.


Powerful Dashboard

Intelligent dashboard provides critical information to the most relevance data when you most needed. Dashboard also provides data drill functions for you to dig deep until you gain the insight.


Non-stop Data Gathering

We never stop looking data for you. Our Engine never stops working around the clock and the system operates anytime, any where.


Intelligent Sentiment Analysis

Because online space is full with emotions- and emotions drive the world. We provide sentiment analysis to help you understand more about your target audience intentions and feelings toward a topic, or brands.


Deep Drill Analysis

Mandala gives you the opportunity to uncover hidden intentions and conversation. So, the more you analyze the data, the more insights you may discover.


Search and Analyze for relevance contents and topics

Finding the right mentions and contents has never been easier. Mandala Analytics assist you through the topic and content search planning. Mandala also helps you filter what is relevance and worth the time for you to analyze data. You won’t get drown in the ocean of data, we simplify the process and make you find the right treasure.


Provide generous amount of data for you to use

We are proud to provide our customers with generous data flexible plan. Customers may adjust mention quota within their limit anytime without the need to upgrade until they really need it. Anyway who want to pay more for unusable data?


Advance Performance Measurement

Mandala Analytics allow mentions to be benchmark in granular details. It allows you to distinguish your own share of voice from different platform and see what performs best.


Simplify Monitoring Analytics

Important keywords and topics, or even hashtags is being monitor nonstop. So you will be the first to know and response.


Export feature

Mandala provides powerful yet flexible data export function. We support both the excel and csv files to be exported. This gives you the opportunity to use data in your next business report or even integrate to other data visualization tool.


User Friendly Interface and Workflow

Business Analytics are often has high learning curve. Mandala is sophisticated but also user friendly, provide what is only important and necessary so organization of all sizes can use productively.

What is Included

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