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Online Listening and Monitoring

Monitor mentions of your brand to understand how your customers
and competitors say about your brand. Giving you the edge to know
the market demand, and competitive edge over the competitors and
provide new opportunities to manage brand to the next level.

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Use Cases


Brand Health

Knowing how and when people are saying about your brand. Not only your brand is monitored but other brands including your competitors and market demand can also be studied – even before they know it.


Gain market insights and trends in your business

Identify what the market wants and what engage them the most. Provide new opportunities to craft new strategies and be the first to drive the market momentum.


Benchmark mentions

Great contents resonate engagement. Knowing what mentions drive the market momentum or even drive a trend - is critical for digital marketing. Do not waste time crafting contents that are hit and miss. Find what engage the most and learn from the best.

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